Devils named to 6-4A All District roster

Andrew Green
Michael Sproles

Plaquemine Green Devils had just come off a dynamite first round upset victory over No. 5 seed North DeSoto in April after wrapping up a 4-4 district regular season.  Several members of the PHS Devil squad were recently named to the 6-4A All District team.

Michael Sproles, a junior, was named a pitcher for the first team.  Senior Dwayne Askins was listed as a first team infielder while sophomore Joe Hamilton was named an outfield and seniors Jacob Allen and Herman Christophe were listed as utility on the first team.

Gianni Berthelot, a freshman, was listed as a pitcher for the 6-4A second team.  He is joined by seniors Lathan Babin and Albert Deville in the infield and senior Gage Vidrine in the outfield.

The Devils’ season ended in round two of the 4A playoffs after dropping the final two games of a three-game series against No. 21 Salmen.

PHS dominated the first game 12-3, but dropped game two 4-7 and three 3-7 to close out their postseason journey.

The full 6-4A roster follows:

First Team

Pitcher: Michael Sproles, Junior, Plaquemine; Justin Vallet, Sophomore, Livonia; Kolby Johnson, Senior, Livonia; Evan Becnel, Senior St. Michael; Scott Terrell, Senior, St. Michael.

Catcher: Ross Scelfo, Senior, St. Michael.

Infield: Dwayne Askins, Senior, Plaquemine; Cole Jarreau, Senior, Livonia; Trevor Jarreau, Senior, Livonia; Dwain Varisco, Senior, St. Michael.

Outfield: Mitch Roe, Senior, St. Michael; Patrick Queen, Senior, Livonia, Christian Edwards, Senior, Livonia; Joe Hamilton, Sophomore, Plaquemine.

Utility: Jacob Allen, Senior, Plaquemine; Hayden Schneider, Senior, Woodlawn; Marquez Guillory, Senior, Tara; Nathan Scott, Senior, St. Michael; Herman Christophe, Sophomore, Plaquemine; Jude LaCombe, Junior, Livonia.

MVP: Kolby Johnson, Livonia

Coach of the Year: Jason Lemoine, Livonia; Johnny Bernhard, St. Michael.

Second Team

Pitcher: Gianni Berthelot, Freshman, Plaquemine; Coby Savoie, Junior, Livonia; Cayde Miller, Senior, St. Michael; Tyler Held, Senior, St. Michael; Wayne Roca, Junior, St. Michael; Michael Davis, Senior, St. Michael; Alex Ezell, Sophomore, St. Michael.

Infield: Cameron Garafola, Junior, Livonia; Brady Barlow, Junior, Livonia; Kyle Fontenot, Junior, St. Michael; Mason Gremillion, Senior, St. Michael; Grant Hebert, Senior, St. Michael; Lathan Babin, Senior, Plaquemine; Albert Deville, Senior, Plaquemine.

Outfield: Gage Vidrine, Senior, Plaquemine; Peyton Bergeron, Freshman, Woodlawn; Ryan Achee, Junior, St. Michael; Luke Hebert, Senior, St. Michael.

Utility: Devin Whiting, Senior, Woodlawn; Chris Hitchens, Senior, Tara; Joe Williams, Senior, Tara; Cade Garafola, Junior, Livonia; Patrick Woods, Senior, Livonia.