Eagles litter 6-1A All District squad, Hurst named MVP

Andrew Green agreen@postsouth.com
6-1A MVP Dylan Hurst

A respective group of St. John Eagles were recently named to the 6-1A All District first and second teams which lists Eagle Dylan Hurst as 6-1A MVP and Chris Harrell as Coach of the Year.

Dylan Hurst, a senior, and junior Landon LeBlanc were each listed as pitchers for the first team.  Sophomore Justin Rivet was named to the team’s infield and junior Tre Dupont to the outfield.  Ben Bucher, sophomore, was named the lone All-District catcher.

Eagle Grant Blanchard, freshman, was named a pitcher on the 6-1A second team along with Collin Barbee, sophomore, and junior Reese Barrilleaux at infield.

Sophomore Adam Blanchard was named a second team outfielder and East Iberville Tiger Izack Bailey was listed as the second team’s lone catcher.

The St. John Eagles finished their season with an 11-1 overall record and earned the 6-1A crown.  They earned the No. 7 seed in the Division IV playoff bracket and fell to No. 10 Houma Christian in round one.

The full 6-1A All District roster follows:

First Team

Pitcher: Dylan Hurst, Senior, St. John; Landon Clifton, Senior, Ascension Catholic; Nic Montalbano, Sophomore, Ascension Christian; Landon LeBlanc, Junior, St. John.

Infield: Nick Bellina, Senior, Ascension Catholic; Ross Ponville, Senior, Ascension Catholic; Justin Rivet, Sophomore, St. John; Mason Braud, Junior, Ascension Christian.

Outfield: Mason Zerangue, Sophomore, Ascension Catholic; Tre Dupont, Junior, St. John; Tyler Cambre, Sophomore, Ascension Christian.

Catcher: Ben Bucher, Sophomore, St. John.

Utility: Ronnie Smith, Junior, Southern Lab; Payton Bahlinger, Senior, Ascension Christian; William Dunh, Sophomore, Ascension Catholic; Landon Ortego, Junior, Ascension Christian.

District MVP: Dylan Hurst, St. John

Coach of the Year: Chris Harrell, St. John

Second Team

Pitcher: Jamarquea Diamond, Junior, Kentwood; Grant Blanchard, Freshman, St. John; Josh Diez, Junior, Ascension Christian; DJ Giroir, Senior, Ascension Catholic.

Infield: Collin Barbee, Sophomore, St. John; Charlie Gienaloni, Junior, Ascension Catholic; John Smothers, Sophomore, Southern Lab; Reese Barrilleaux, Junior, St. John.

Outfield: Adam Blanchard, Sophomore, St. John; Rodney Blanchard, Sophomore, Ascension Catholic; Terrell Hookfin, Sophomore, Kentwood.

Catcher: Izack Bailey, Junior, East Iberville

Utility: Dylan Vice, Senior, Ascension Catholic; Jacob Antie, Senior, Ascension Christian; Trey Palmer, Sophomore, Kentwood; Sal Montalbano, Sophomore, Ascension Christian.