IPRD announces Heavy Hitters Club inductees

Andrew Green
Aubrey St. Angelo, Jr. 9&10, Comeaux Brothers

Iberville Parish and Recreation District (IPRD) recently announced local youngsters that have been inducted into the Heavy Hitters Club.

The Heavy Hitters Club is the acknowledgement of a child in the IPRD program who has achieved hitting a home run in a regular league game. Upon being placed in the club, they are also recognized and presented with a Heavy Hitters Club t-shirt. 

The Heavy Hitters Club awards any child that hits a home run at any league game throughout the baseball season.

According to IPRD Executive Director Mike Markins, the Heavy Hitters Club was formed some 15 years ago.  After the player hits a home run, their name is then entered into the Heavy Hitters Club on the homepage.

The majority of this program’s honors have been received by male players, according to Markins, however Keri Yarbrough broke this streak by being the only girl in IPRD league history to ever hit a home run while playing at Crescent Bend Park as a member of the 12 and Under World Series third place team in 2009.

Other record holders are as follows: Matthew Distefano with twelve home runs on the 11 and 12 field, Joe Keller with 12 on the 9 and 10 field and the overall record holder of home runs on any field is Aubrey St. Angelo, Jr. with 16 home runs on the 7 and 8 field during his Coaches Pitch season.

The following were recognized this season:

Cole Easley, 9&10, Arbor Pro

John Walker 7&8 Machine Pitch, Citizen’s Bank

Brandon Smith, 9&10, Westlake Chemical

Malachi Sproles, 11&12, Crawfish X-Press

Brody Daley, 9&10, Don’s Sportsman

Cohen Weber, 9&10, Arbor Pro

Brode Miller, 9&10, Arbor Pro

Russell Johnson, Jr., 9&10, Westlake Chemical

Aubrey St. Angelo, Jr. 9&10, Comeaux Brothers