Little League World Series 2021: See when Lafayette plays and the complete bracket

Claire Kuwana
Lafayette Daily Advertiser

The Little League World Series is set to start in Williamsport, Pennsylvania on Thursday, with Lafayette Little League playing its first game on Friday at 4 p.m.. The game will be on ESPN.

The tournament will run through Aug. 29 with games broadcasted on ABC, ESPN and ESPN 2.

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If the Louisiana squad wins, they will play its next game on at 1 p.m. Sunday, and it will be broadcasted on ABC. If they lose, the team will drop to the elimination bracket and play a day earlier at 7 p.m. on ESPN.

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Below is the list of all 16 teams participating in the 2021 Little World World Series and the day-by-day TV schedule. Game times are all Central time.

Tom Seaver teams

The "A" teams are the 8 U.S. region tournament winners, while the "B" teams are the 8 U.S. runners-up. There are no international teams participating this year because of COVID-19 restrictions, which is why two teams from each region earned a spot in the tournament. 

SOUTHEAST A = Nolensville Little League (Nolensville, TN)

NEW ENGLAND A = North Manchester-Hooksett Little League (Hooksett, N.H.)

MID-ATLANTIC A = Upper Providence Little League (Oaks, PA)

SOUTHWEST A = Lafayette Little League (Lafayette, LA)

GREAT LAKES B = West Side Little League (Hamilton, OH)

WEST B = Torrance Little League (Torrance, CA)

NORTHWEST B = Lake Oswego Little League (Lake Oswego, OR)

MIDWEST B = Sioux Falls Little League (Sioux Falls, S.D.)

Hank Aaron teams

WEST A = Honolulu Little League (Honolulu, HI)

MIDWEST A = Hastings Baseball Little League (Hastings, NE)

GREAT LAKES A = Taylor North Little League (Taylor, MI)

NORTHWEST A = Eastlake Little League (Sammamish, WA)

NEW ENGLAND B = Manchester Little League (Manchester, CT)

MID-ATLANTIC B = Toms River East Little League (Toms River, NJ)

SOUTHEAST B = Martin County North Little League (Palm City, FL)

SOUTHWEST B = Wylie Little League (Abilene, TX)


Thursday, Aug. 19

Game 1: Hawaii vs Connecticut, 12 p.m. ESPN

Game 2: Tennessee vs Ohio, 2 p.m. ESPN

Game 3: Nebraska vs New Jersey, 4 p.m. ESPN

Game 4: New Hampshire vs California, 6 p.m. ESPN

Friday, Aug. 20

Game 5: Pennsylvania vs Oregon, 12 p.m. ESPN

Game 6: Michigan vs Florida, 2 p.m. ESPN

Game 7: Louisiana vs South Dakota, 4 p.m. ESPN

Game 8: Washington vs Texas, 6 p.m. ESPN2

Saturday, Aug. 21

Game 9: Loser of Game 2 vs Loser of Game 4, 12 p.m. ESPN

Game 10: Loser of Game 1 vs Loser of Game 3, 2 p.m. ABC

Game 11: Loser of Game 6 vs Loser of Game 8, 5 p.m. ESPN

Game 12: Loser of Game 5 vs Loser of Game 7, 7 p.m. ESPN

Sunday, Aug. 22

Game 13: Winner of Game 2 vs Winner of Game 4, 8 a.m. ESPN

Game 14: Winner of Game 1 vs Winner of Game 3, 10 a.m. ESPN

Game 15: Winner of Game 6 vs Winner of Game 8, 12 p.m. ESPN

Game 16: Winner of Game 5 vs Winner of Game 7, 2 p.m. ABC

Monday, Aug. 23

Game 17: Loser of Game 15 vs Winner of Game 10, 12 p.m. ESPN

Game 18: Loser of Game 16 vs Winner of Game 9, 2 p.m. ESPN

Game 19: Winner of Game 12 vs Loser of Game 13, 4 p.m. ESPN2

Game 20: Winer of Game 11 vs Loser of Game 14, 6 p.m. ESPN2

Tuesday, August 24

Game 21: Winner of Game 18 vs Winner of Game 19, 2 p.m. ESPN

Game 22: Winner of Game 17 vs Winner of Game 20, 6:30 p.m. ESPN

Wednesday, August 25

Game 23: Winner of Game 13 vs Winner of Game 16, 2 p.m. ESPN

Game 24: Winner of Game 14 vs Winner of Game 15, 6:30 p.m. ESPN

Thursday, August 26

Game 25: Loser of Game 24 vs Winner of Game 22, 2 p.m. ESPN

Game 26: Loser of Game 23 vs Winner of Game 21, 6:30 p.m. ESPN

Saturday, August 28

Tom Seaver Final

Game 27: Winner of Game 23 vs Winner of Game 26, 11:30 a.m., ABC

Hank Aaron Final

Game 28: Winner of Game 24 vs Winner of Game 25, 2:30 p.m. ABC

Sunday, August 29

Consolation Final

Game 29: Loser of Game 27 vs Loser of Game 28, 9 a.m. ESPN

Little League World Series Final

Game 30: Winner of Game 27 vs Winner of Game 28, 2 p.m. ABC

Claire Kuwana is a sports reporting intern at the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Contact her at or follow her on Twitter @clairekuwana.