UCLA wins CWS Finals over Miss. St.

Staff Writer
Plaquemine Post South

OMAHA, Neb. - One can understand if UCLA baseball has felt like a little brother through the years. Its school had captured 108 national titles in everything from men’s basketball to women’s water polo. But a baseball title somehow always fell out of reach.

That all changed this year with one of the most dominant five-game pitching performances Omaha has ever seen. And now UCLA baseball finally has a seat at the table among the Westwood campus programs. It’s not like they weren’t reminded of it often.

Before this year, the program’s biggest claim to fame was Jackie Robinson played there. You could tell Tuesday night on the field just how much it meant, with tears flowing all around.

A lot has been made about how the Bruins won their crown jewel. They hit just .227 in five College World Series games – inflated, believe it or not, by Tuesday’s 12 hits. But that’s how they play. And it’s how they and a lot of teams on the West Coast have adapted to the new game of college baseball. The one where we only saw three home runs in 14 CWS games in 2013.

Instead of home runs, UCLA tied the record for number of sacrifice bunts in a CWS with 12. A record that wasn’t touched since Santa Clara set it in 1962.