Check out the 15 toughest athletes in Shreveport area high school football

Jimmy Watson
Shreveport Times

You know the look of a Louisiana tough guy. They usually have a scruffy demeanor with some stubble or a mustache as a facial decoration. They wear black more than any other wardrobe choice and prefer rugged outfits.

They often spend a lot of time in the weight room developing muscles in places where they don’t necessarily need muscles. But sometimes, tough guys are just tough despite their facial hair, clothing choice or quantity of muscles. That’s especially true when it comes to the Louisiana high school football scene.

Here’s a look at 15 tough guys from Shreveport area high schools with a statement from their coaches about what makes them stand out. 

Cade Bedgood

Calvary, Sr.

Why mentioned:Cade Bedgood is a linebacker who simply loves to hit people,” said coach Rodney Guin.

Keegan Bryan

Lakeside, Sr.

Why selected: “He’s just a nasty player who doesn’t back down from anyone. Keegan goes all out on every rep, every day,” said coach Mike Santelices.

Tackett Curtis

Many, Sr.

Why mentioned: “Tackett loves spending time in the weight room and has benched 355 pounds. Incredible hitter,” said coach Jess Curtis.

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Captain Shreve's Jayden Edwards is one of the Shreveport area's tough guys.

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Jayden Edwards

Captain Shreve, Sr.

Why mentioned: “Jayden is the most selfless player I’ve ever coached. He shows up, works hard every day in the weight room, classroom and practice field. He’s a rare back who can run around you or through you; and pound for pound, he’s one of the strongest kids in our program,” said coach Adam Kirby.

J.D. Gallman

Byrd, Jr.

Why mentioned: "J.D. is the hardest worker on the team. He doesn’t say a whole lot, but he’s a tough son of a gun. He will be on the field somewhere. Does what is asked of him. If not for Lake Lambert, he would be our quarterback,” said coach Stacy Ballew.

Zach Halbert

Benton, Sr.

Why mentioned: “Zach is the type of guy you’re glad is on your team but if he was on the opposing team, you wouldn’t like very much. He just doesn’t make excuses. He gets it done – whatever it is. He’s one of the most physical players we have. He’s added about 30 pounds of muscle this offseason, so his body can match his mentality,” said coach Reynolds Moore.

Brendan Harris

Homer, Sr.

Why mentioned: “Our middle linebacker and the hardest worker on the team. Great kid who is respectful of everyone. Plays football, basketball and runs track with a 3.5 GPA and involved in National Honor Society. Just a model student-athlete,” said coach Richie Casey. 

Reid Hawsey

Airline, Sr. 

Why mentioned: “Reid plays healthy. Reid plays hurt, and he’s a leader at all times. He never complains and always shows up ready to work,” said coach Justin Scogin.

Stevie Holloway

Logansport, Jr.

Why mentioned: “An undersized inside linebacker who plays way bigger than his physique. Has a great attitude and gives maximum effort every snap of every practice. He plays with intent, and that’s rare in today’s athletes,” said coach Kevin Magee.

DeQuavious Lemons

Southwood, Sr.

Why mentioned: “Lemons is a two-time state powerlifting champion and dedicated his entire summer to being a motivation to this team. He missed just one of 46 summer workout days. He doesn’t talk much, but works hard at being dependable,” said coach Jesse Esters. 

Delarrious Marshall

Green Oaks, So.

Why mentioned: “The one kid who does not mind sticking his nose into any situation on the field. Wants the ball in his hand to make a play no matter the position. He doesn’t shy away from contact. Unquestioned leader of the team who carries a 3.7 GPA,” said coach Chadwick Lewis.

Green Oak's Delarrious Marshall fights for extra yardage against Southwood in the 2021 Northwood Jamboree.

Daniel Olivier

North DeSoto, Sr.

Why mentioned: “Doesn’t look the part at 5-foot-7 and maybe 155 pounds, but he takes on pullers who are twice his size. Daniel makes plays all over the field and is a team leader,” said coach Dennis Dunn.

Keithen Phillips

Magnolia, Jr.

Why mentioned: “Keithen is a 6-foot, 275-pound lineman regarded as the strongest player on the team. He commands the respects of his teammates,” said coach Toriano Williams.

Reginald Prealow

Red River, Jr.

Why mentioned: “Reginald is one of the toughest kids I’ve coached. He’s big, fast, mean and shows no emotion. Prealow is scary in coach (Alan) Carter’s defense,” said coach Jeff Harper.

Carter Wells

Parkway, Sr.

Why mentioned: “Carter will do whatever we ask him to do. We moved him from wide receiver to free safety this year to help the team. He has a 3.75 GPA,” said coach Coy Brotherton. 

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