ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS HISTORY: White Castle High's Bulldogs win second straight state 1A basketball title

WCHS Bulldogs celebrate their back-to-back state 1A championships.

The White Castle High School Bulldog basketball team made history on Friday by winning back-to-back state championships.

And the title game was a convincing one for the Bulldogs, defeating the Delhi High Bears by a wide margin, 64-42. White Castle was the underdog in the game, seeded No. 8 in the tournament while Delhi was seeded No. 4.

“We had our chance to make history, to do something that nobody else has done in our town, our parish,” Coach Troy Green said in a press conference after the big win. “We’re just so happy and proud to be representing our parish.”

White Castle High is rich in basketball history and this team will certainly go done as one of its best ever.

“This is great to be part of this tradition,” said Tre Melancon. “…We came here and played hard and we did it.”

Green said trying to make it back to the championship game, winning another state title, had been on the team’s mind since before the season even started.

“It’s been on our minds ever since we started conditioning,,” he continued.

Early in the interview, Green responded to a reporter’s question about how they pulled off such a convincing win over a higher seeded team.

“We scouted everything that they do and these guys just executed,” he said. “Of course I’m happy, I’m pleased…I’m just so proud of these young men. It’s just a testament to these guys.”

“We played a game that I don’t think many people thought that we could,” Green said, continuing by saying they played their game and took advantage of Delhi’s weaknesses.

“We just decided that we’d got out there and do what we had to do,” he continued. “We played it tough.”

In an interview the day before the championship matchup, Green seemed relaxed and confident.

“I’m not nervous, I’m not overly excited, I’m just calm,” he said. “I guess that’s just the way I’m built to be.”

“We’re trying to keep everything normal and just play this like it’s just another game,” Green said. “Of course there are intricacies about the other team that you want to know about but for the most part, we’re just going to try and be ourselves and play to our strengths.”

The interview interrupted his study of Delhi High game film, part of the preparation process.

“I’ve tried to do al my homework,” Green said. “I’ve got the film, taking my notes, making sure we’re prepared for this team. It’s like studying for a final exam.”

He said he expected his Bulldogs would play the way they had all year and that he had no tricks up his sleeve.

“You don’t get this far without being yourself,” Green said. “…I think if we play our game, the way we know how to play, we’ve got a good chance.”

He was aware last Thursday of his team’s chance to make White Castle and Iberville Parish history.

“I’m trying to carry on a tradition of the former coaches here,” Green said. “I’m trying to make history.”