Dean signs scholarship with Oklahoma college

Staff Report

East Iberville girls basketball standout Carson Dean defied odds.

East Iberville graduate Carson Dean recently signed a scholarship to play basketball for University of Oklahoma Wesley. She is pictured with head basketball coach Mark Temple and her mother, Stacey Dean.

She maintained self-motivation amid physical and emotional setbacks, and it paid off.

Dean signed a scholarship last week to play collegiate basketball at University of Oklahoma-Wesley. She is the daughter of Stacey Dean and the late Tim Thorn.

She had to sit out her senior year due to her third ACL injury. Even worse, she worked through the grief after the untimely death of her father (Tim Thorn) from a heart attack during her freshman year. 

“Carson is very dear to my heart because her dad and I were good friends,” head coach Mark Temple said. “I met Carson during summer ball … her dad used to bring her every day, and we developed a good bond.

“Tim and I had a very good bond, so after that, it was one of my biggest goals to lead her to a scholarship,” he said. “He was full of life, he loved his daughter and family, and he was an avid basketball fan.”

Carson weathered the storm of three ACL tears. She continued to play after she tore it in eighth grade, another time in her sophomore year and during the offseason leading into her senior year.

“Carson was the epitome of resilience,” Temple said.

She averaged 11 points per game, with seven assists and scored on 45 percent of her shots from three-point range.

The challenges, the loss and the setbacks only bolstered Carson’s determination.

“I feel like I’m different from a lot of people,” she said. “A lot of people expected me to quit basketball after by third ACL tear, but if you have a dream, you have to stick to it.”

The support she had from her father also kept the fire burning, she said.

“If you have a dream, you’ve got to stick with it,” Carson said. “My dad wanted me to go to college, and in my case, it involved obstacles – and it’s been worth it all the way.”

She will graduate with a 4.0 and cumulative score of  3.7.

The move to Wesley – an incorporated community in southeast Oklahoma – will provide Carson more than just the basketball opportunity.

“Even though it’s 10 hours from St. Gabriel, my dad had some family out there, so it was a good thing.” Dean said. “Besides, the people in that area were very friendly, open and honest. They have a lot of expectations, and they won’t let you slack or get carried away.”

She plans to major in Nursing.

“It’s the perfect field for me,” Dean said. “I like to help other people and I want to save lives.”