Daily roundup of what's hot online right now with a video of a surfer riding the biggest wave, free app of the day and a new Facebook feature in beta phase.

Check this out: Facebook tests 'Highlight' feature

According to TechCrunch.com, only 12 percent of your friends see your average status update. But Facebook is now testing a new feature that lets you "pay a few dollars," according to the article, to let one of your posts be seen by more people. It is reportedly not intended for businesses, but rather a chance to flag an "important post" that you send out. Click the link above to read the full article.

Free app of the day: Shazam

This app is perfect for those times when you just can't remember, for the life of you, who sang that song or the name of that song. Just pull up the Shazam app and hold it as close to the speakers as you can, and you'll have the artist, title and sometimes the album within minutes. PCMag.com says it's good with old-time favorites, too, but "it occasionally gets stumped by obscure b-sides."

Video: Surfer recognized for riding biggest wave

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